Renk Filtreleri

Ürün Bilgisi

Renk Kod İsim Açıklama
004 Medium Bastard Amber Naturally enhances skin tones
007 Pale Yellow Sunlight
009 Pale Amber Gold Late sunlight
010 Medium Yellow Sunlight effect
013 Straw Tint Sunlight wash with gobos, interior lighting
015 Deep Straw Strong mood effect on backings
019 Fire Disco effect – fire effect
020 Medium Amber Late sunlight
021 Gold Amber Fire effect sunset
022 Dark Amber Backlight
024 Scarlet Pantomime, ballroom sets, fire effects
025 Sunset Red Warm stage wash – TV studio wash - Sunset effect
026 Bright Red Cycloramas
027 Medium Red Cycloramas
036 Medium Pink Front of house lanterns
039 Pink Carnation Soft cool pastel pink, good for back lighting
048 Rose Purple Musical revues, discos, cycloramas
058 Lavender Moonlight, strong backlighting
068 Sky Blue Night effect, cycloramas
071 Tokyo Blue Deep blue, midnight scenes, cycloramas, skin tones
075 Evening Blue Good for night scenes, romantic moonlight
079 Just Blue Cycloramas
088 Lime Green Use with gobos for leafy glades-pantos- slightly sinister atmosphere
089 Moss Green With gobos for forest scenes
090 Dark Yellow Green Highlighting for forest scenes
100 Spring Yellow Sunlight wash-use with gobos-disco- dark skin tones
101 Yellow Sunlight and window effect – pleasant in acting areas
103 Straw Pale sunlight through window effect - warm winter effect
104 Deep Amber Mood effect on backing, backlighting of floor and colour effect
105 Orange Many light entertainment, functions, fire effect if used with 106 166 104
106 Primary Red Strong red effect, cycloramas
107 Light Rose Mood effect on backing, backlighting of floor and colour effect
110 Middle Rose Pleasing effects for theatrical lighting
111 Dark Pink Good for cycloramas
113 Magenta Very strong – use carefully for small areas on set
115 Peacock Blue Pleasing effect on sets, cyclorama, cloths backlighting
117 Steel Blue Gaslight in conjunction with 213
118 Light Blue Strong night effect
119 Dark Blue Moonlight mood effect, jaz club ect
121 Evergreen Cycloramas
122 Fern Green Cycloramas – good mood effect
124 Dark Green Cycloramas – good for back lighting
Mauve Cycloramas – good for back lighting
  130 Clear Used in animation and projection work
132 Medium Blue Set lighting, travelling matt blue, cycloramas & night
134 Golden Amber Fire effect (doubled up)
135 Deep Golden Amber Fire effect
139 Primary Green Cycloramas
141 Bright Blue Pretty or romantic moonlight, cycloramas, night
147 Medium Yellow Sunrise, sunset, lamplight
151 Gold Tint Pleasing for theatrical lighting
152 Pale Gold Interior lighting to enhance skin tones
154 Pale Rose Pleasing effects for theatrical lighting, lamplight
156 Chocolate With 103 in same lantern to produce candlelight
158 Deep Orange Fire effect
159 No Colour Straw Warm effect, sunlight
161 Slate Blue Moonlight and dusk
164 Flame Red Fire effect
176 Loving Amber Sunrise, backlight
179 Chrome Orange Combination of half CTO and double strength 104, sunlight
181 Congo Blue Theatre and television effect lighting, cycloramas
182 Light Red Theatre and television effect lighting, cycloramas
183 Moonlight Blue Moonlight, cycloramas
185 Cosmetic Burgundy Pale tints complementary to key lighting
186 Cosmetic Silver Rose Pale tints complementary to key lighting
187 Cosmetic Rouge Pale tints complementary to key lighting
188 Cosmetic Highlight Pale tints complementary to key lighting
193 Rosy Amber Warm, emotional, romantic
195 Zenith Blue Moonlight for dark sets, cycloramas
226 UV Transmission of less than 50% at 410nms
  228 Brushed Silk Diffusion material
322 Soft Green Cool green, used for gobo cover, pantomime, cycloramas
328 Follies Pink Dramatic stage lighting
353 Lighter Blue Daylight effects
354 Special Steel Blue Cooling green wash for stage and set lighting
363 Special Medium Blue Cool moonlight, mood effects
728 Steel Green Approaching storms. Overcast days. Cold steely light
764 Sun Colour Straw Adds warmth, bright sunlight