Flex Drop

Ürün Bilgisi

The FlexDrop® chroma key green background is wrinkle-free, with a semi-matte fabric that does not reflect green onto the back of your model or subject. The FlexDrop® pops into shape and maintains a rigid flat surface that can be clamped or hung from a LiteStand, doorframe or leaned against a wall. The quick setup is great and the wrinkle-free non-reflective fabric makes the post processing a snap. The panel is guaranteed to open flat and folds down to 1/3 its size for storage in its own carry bag. Eight tabs around its rim allow you to hang it for easy use. The double-riveted frame makes it durable, while allowing it to maintain its flexibility.


Dimensions: 5x7' (152.4x213.63cm)


  1. Chroma key green for digital photography or video compositing

  2. Eight tabs - To hang your FlexDrop®

  3. Fabric is designed not to reflect color onto your subject

  4. Large 5x7 foot size – Ideal for ¾ or head and shoulder portraits

  5. Double-riveted frame - Makes it extremely durable

  6. Folds down to 1/3 its actual size and stores in the included carry bag for easy and convenient transport