Lite Disc Holder

Ürün Bilgisi

Our all-aluminum LiteDisc® Holder provides the support you need to hold and position all sizes of LiteDisc® reflectors. Also supports many other types of materials such as Foamcore, Plexiglas, cardboard, etc. The two-piece extension is adjustable from 39-70 inches (100.3cm to 177.8cm) and can be rotated and swiveled for precise positioning. Rubber grips on the clamps protect your reflector and the clamps can be rotated to hold your reflector from the top or side. This is useful when using a translucent reflector that you don’t want the shadow of the LiteDisc Holder across the middle. This is a heavy duty reflector holder of all aluminum construction.


Dimensions: Collapsed length – 39.5" (100.3cm)

Extended Length – 69.5" (176.5cm)



Features and Benefits

  1. Telescopes - allowing it to fit any LiteDisc® or FlexDrop2

  2. Removable Clamps - replaceable and can be positioned anywhere along the sections of the Holder

  3. Swivels - to adjust to any position for superior versatility

  4. Versatile - Use as a mini-boom

  5. Attaches to any light stand with a 5/8 inch stud