Arrilite 2000 Plus Set

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Choosing an ARRI Lighting Kit

The best kit for your application depends on your production needs and artistic preferences. Ideally the kit should offer flexibility to work in many different situations. You'll want to consider fixture types, total wattage and the size and weight of the kit. If you need softer lighting you should look carefully at the kits containing Chimera Softbanks. The first step is to determine what light source best suits your needs.


L0.36500.D ARRILITE 2000 Plus, 2 Tungsten Lighting Kit (Schuko plug)

2 x ARRILITE 2000 Plus with line switch

incl. 4-leaf barndoor

2 x Lamp FEX 2000 W / 230 V RX7s P2/27 (Osram 64781)

1 x Set of 4 Scrims (254 mm / 10.0 ")

1 x ARRI Filter Pack

1 x Case for 2 lampheads (70 x 39 x 37 cm)