Flexflash 200W Strobe Umberalla Kit

Ürün Bilgisi

The FlexFlash 200 Umbrella Kit comes equipped with two FlexFlash 200Ws strobes, two Compact LiteStands, two 30 inch silver adjustable reflective umbrellas, and a convenient carry case. This strobe has a full-featured, easy-to-read digital screen with a flash duration of 1/1200th of a second. This kit is ideal for portraiture, either in studio or on location. The silver umbrellas are versatile, resilient and durable with ribs and strut pivots made from a fiberglass composite and center poles that are extruded aluminum and closed off at the base. The Compact LiteStands are ideal for the photographer on the go, with reverse leg folding technology that can fit in a small backpack or case. This kit is designed smart and powerfully built for today’s photographer, yet attractively priced.


1 Compact LiteStand

1 FlexFlash™ 200W Strobe

1 ADH 30” Silver Adjustable Umbrella

1 Strobe Connector for Photoflex FlexFlash