Extra Small LiteDome Basic Kit

Ürün Bilgisi

The Extra Small LiteDome® Basic Kit is our quickest kit to assemble and breaks down to a small, lightweight package. It is the smallest in the LiteDome® line, yet it makes an enormous improvement in results for the event, portrait or editorial photographer who uses ShoeMount flash.

This kit goes beyond quick handheld shooting applications by including our MultiClamp for easy mounting onto any 5/8 inch stud such as the top of LiteStands, GripJaw™ and LiteReach™.

The LiteDome® extra small kit can also be mounted onto a camera flash bracket to immediately step up from the amateur look of harsh on-camera snapshots to soft broad-source lit photographs. The improvement is striking. (Depending on bracket style, you may not need to use the included MultiClamp for this application.)


1 Extra Small LiteDome® SoftBox

1 Basic Connector

1 Adjustable ShoeMount hardware

1 ShoeMount MultiClamp