SLED3-D-M Daylight 3 Projektörlü Set

Ürün Bilgisi

  (items in bold are in addition to STANDARD kit)
3 DLED4-D dedolight focusing LED light head, daylight
3 DT4 Power supply for DLED4 monocolor light heads
3 DT4-BAT-AB Battery power supply for DLED4 monocolor light heads (D-TAP)
3 DPLS Light shield ring
3 DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves)
1 DLSR70 Speed ring for CLASSIC Series and DLED4 light heads
1 DSBSXS dedoflex mini soft box 30x30x23cm (12x12x9")
1 DLGRIDXS Grid (40°), fits mini soft box
1 DP1.1 Imager projection attachment 
1 DPGH Steel gobo holder (size 'M')
1 DPGSET Gobo set (six popular steel gobos, size 'M')
3 DFX glasses Three structur glass filters with holder
1 DPACP Accessory pouch
3 DFH Gel filter holder
1 DGW Gel filter set, warm tone (fits Classic Series filter holder)
1 DGMD Gel filter set, mixed diffusion (fits Classic Series filter holder)
1 DGCOL Gel filter set, color effect (fits Classic Series filter holder)
3 LiTH 95 SI Batteries with internal charger cpl. with
3 DLBCA2-V Belt adapter for V-Mount batteries with holding plate for DT4(-BI)-BAT-AB/-XLR power supplies. D-TAP power out socket
3 DST dedolight stands
1 DSC2 / 2-200 Soft case medium